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Yoga Skyros

Restorative retreat for musicians


For physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Find time to reconnect with yourself and learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle to sustain a long career as a professional musician. This bespoke retreat will include sessions on issues that affect musicians including how to look after both physical and mental health; how to stay healthy when travelling on tour and strategies on how to deal with performance anxiety. All the sessions are delivered by an experienced team who understand the demands and challenges of having a career as a musician and who can help get you back to a place of being fulfilled by your work.

At the week-long retreat there will also the opportunity for yoga therapy sessions, kinesiology from Dr.Goodheart, Dr.Bach consultation sessions and massage therapies that can all help treat underlying health conditions. This specialist retreat will have a personalised approach with a maximum of ten participants and will be held at the idyllic Yoga Skyros Academy near Athens, Greece.

The retreat is aimed at professional musicians who work across the whole of the music sector, performing in all styles and genres, who want to learn how to be the best versions of themselves.

Yoga Skyros Academy → What's different about us?

Have you heard of Yoga Skyros centre, in Paiania, Greece? Well, it's the only place so close to the city centre of Athens and nature, where you can join and enjoy all-year-round programmes of restoration, as well as to be taught and get certified as a Yoga Teacher and/or as a Yoga Therapist, in a traditional and authentic way, alongside the Masters Dietmar and Carmen Hellmann.

In Yoga Skyros we respect your privacy and well-being. You will have the time and space for yourself in our beautiful and luxurious place and the areas around Paiania. Here, we aim for and achieve high quality of the 3 Ts -Teaching -Therapy -Training, not only for the body but for the mind and spirit as well. As BKS.Iyengar has stated ''Health is the state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit''.

Yoga Skyros is different because Dietmar and Carmen teach all courses by themselves, which shows the amplitude of their knowledge, love, persistence and inner power. Their approach to teaching and learning is ''baby steps''. They are here to support you along the way, with patience and love and as Carmen says ''The body will always adapt to the demand we put on it'', so there is no need to rush or doubt the process. Additionally, because quality is above quantity, and each class has maximum 10 students, each individual gets to develop a traditional and authentic ''Master'' to Student relationship, where they are connected for life no matter how many miles apart.

We strive to share the ancient knowledge, practices and our light within the modern world. We can all heal ourselves and one another. Join us and feel the difference for yourself.

Carmen Hellmann

Carmen brings more than 20 years of Specialised Experience; she is a Certified Health Coach from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, an Advanced Level Personal Fitness Trainer, Aroma Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, and Level II Muay Thai Instructor. As a Professional Yoga Devotee, she holds the renowned Experienced Yoga Teacher 200 and 500 and is registered at Yoga Alliance USA and is also a Yoga Alliance Continuing Yoga Education Provider (YACEP). She also applies her own unique and dynamic Yoga Teaching Program. She has studied and trained with Master Dickson in Hong Kong and Swami Vidyanand at New Delhi – India Transformational Yoga.

Dietmar Hellmann

Lead Teacher for the Yoga Therapy Teacher training courses. Registered Dr Bach Practitioner with the Dr Bach foundation in the UK. Diploma in kinesiologist for balancing the energies and the removal of negative emotions. Massage therapist for Thai; aromatherapy; hot stone and Indian head massages. Dietmar is an experienced and skilled holistic therapist who has combined eastern and western practices in a unique and effective way.

Diane Widdison

Started her career as a musician and played professionally as a flautist and Bansuri player as well as teaching for a music school for over twenty years. She then went on to work at the British Musicians’ Union where part of her role included looking after all aspects of the health and wellbeing of musicians working across the whole of the music industry. Diane is on the board of the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine and a governor of the Royal Society of Musicians, both organisations involved with the welfare of musicians, as well as being a qualified yoga teacher studying with Simon Low in the UK and Carmen and Dietmar at the Yoga Skyros Academy.

Join us and feel the difference!

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