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Our centre of gravity lies in our abdomen, the core of our body in which there are the important abdominal organs. Twisted Postures bring oxygen rich blood to our internal organs helping to nourish them while the massaging effect of the twisting action help promote healthy functioning of both digestion and elimination. Toning the abdominal muscles is vital for good posture and protection from lower back pain by releasing tension from the muscles around the spine. Rotating the spine helps keep these muscles mobile by strengthening and stretching the back as well as opening the chest and shoulders. They can have a positive effect on our mental state, especially if combined with slow, rhythmic breathing. Twisting postures activate the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, the fire chakra, our source of energy. It is here that we are able to awaken our inner and true guidance. Use these postures to balance the mental body, to settle an agitated mind or lift up from lethargy. 

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