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Backbends are both invigorating and strengthening increasing our energy levels and bringing flexibility to our central axis of support, the spine. They stretch the hip flexors and help open up both shoulders and chest enabling us to improve posture and increase mobility as well as promoting better breathing.
Backbends help to increase determination and willpower and by taking us into the unknown they challenge us to open up to the world and help us confront our fears both on and off the mat.  Strong backbends can help release stored emotions; frustration, sadness and anger as well as joy and love and it is not unusual to experience these mixed feelings as they work through the body.  As backbends open the chest and upper body they stimulate the heart chakra, Anahata, the air chakra, allowing us to open more fully in our lives; to our emotions, experiences and in our relationships. Use these postures to connect to the psychic body and expand the heart centre bringing a joyful vitality into your life.

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